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What is a booking bet? How to place a sure win booking bet?

Apart from the typical win/lose bets in football betting, you can also place booking bets. However, many players still don't know what a booking bet is or how to place it for the highest chance of winning. will share the information you need through the following discussion.

Overview of booking bets

Instead of predicting which team will win or lose in a match, you can bet on booking bets. This is a form of betting where players predict the number of bookings (yellow or red cards) in 90 minutes. Some bookmakers even make it more challenging for bettors by requiring them to predict the exact number of yellow or red cards. You may encounter terms like Over/Under Cards at international internet bookmaker.

Booking bets are not limited to a specific audience; anyone can participate. Especially, this form of betting is relatively straightforward, attracting more and more players to wager real money. They are considered a side bet to entertain players and increase profits.

Foolproof method for placing booking bets

When you learn about booking bets, you'll understand that it's a bet for both teams. This means that you'll base your prediction on the total number of bookings both teams receive. While it may sound easy at first, predicting it is not straightforward. Players need to understand the terminology before deciding to invest. To achieve big wins, players need to thoroughly research information surrounding the match. You can choose one of the following booking bet options:

Bet on the number of yellow or red cards in the first half.

Bet on the number of yellow or red cards in the entire match, including extra time.

Bet on the first or last booking (this bet depends on the specific betting format provided by the bookmaker).

Over/Under booking bet for the entire match.

Over/Under booking bet for only the first or second half.

Even/Odd booking bet for the entire match or one of the halves.

Most accurate way to read booking bet odds

Players need to know how to read booking bet odds to determine if their bet will win or not. For booking bets, handicap bets are also possible. This means that the higher option will give a handicap to the lower option based on the odds provided by the bookmaker. The method of reading odds also depends on whether you choose the first half, second half, or the entire match. In each betting period, the stake will vary, and it will be calculated as follows:

A yellow card counts as 1 point, and a red card counts as 2 points.

If you bet on the end of the half or the entire match, the total points will be calculated based on the number of cards drawn. This way, players will know whether they are winning or losing.

Notes when playing booking bets

Although you now understand what booking bets are and how to play them, there are still some important considerations. This way, players can avoid catching the wrong bets or being deceived. Since yellow and red card bets are often confused, here are some important notes:

This bet is valid for 90 minutes plus extra time. If there is extra time, the bookmaker will offer a separate bet for players to invest in.

Cards shown by the referee are only for players running on the field. The cards do not count for players who have already received cards in previous matches, substitute players, or players on the bench.

3 is the maximum number of cards that each player can receive.

Booking decisions must be made by the main referee.

Players need to choose matches they are familiar with to place the most effective bets.

Players should carefully analyze the nature and situation of both teams before deciding to place bets.

Gamers should research carefully and not underestimate high odds.

Determine the right time to release the bet and salvage the situation to avoid heavy losses.

Formula for calculating booking bet rewards

The formula for calculating booking bet rewards is relatively simple. They depend heavily on the odds provided by the bookmaker. Therefore, players need to consider which website they are playing on to calculate accurately. The standard formula provided by malaysia online betting sites is as follows: Booking bet winnings = player's stake x bookmaker's odds. At this point, you only need to enter the amount you want to bet and the bookmaker's odds. If you win the bet, you'll immediately know the value of your prize.


Wintips has shared with you what booking bets are through the content above. Although playing this bet is straightforward, winning big is not easy. Therefore, players need to analyze carefully the information surrounding the match to make the most accurate decisions.


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